Sony 4K sensor for gorgeous, super-sampled HD, 2K and 4K
The PMW-F55 Live System combines the PMW-F55 4K Super 35mm single sensor camera together with the CA-4000 4K fibre transmission camera system adaptor and BPU-4000 baseband processor unit. It is ideal for any live production application, such as sports, concerts and events, or studio productions.

The PMW-F55 Live System provides cameramen with the same variety of components as any Sony HD system camera, including a wide choice of viewfinders with a unique Focus Assist function specially designed for 4K live operations, video returns, tally, intercom and zoom and focus controls. Video technicians (“aders”) operate in the control room with traditional RCP/MSU control panels and keep all the standard operations as with any Sony HD studio camera. All parameters are remotely available to render the best picture in any environment.

With the variety of outputs on the BPU-4000 you can have a simultaneous 4K and HD live operation, matching Sony HDC Series cameras perfectly. The PMW-F55 Live System also offers the capability to create HD cut outs from the 4K resolution images (with the SZC-2001 licence option for the BPU-4000) or operate as a 4x or 6x speed HD slow-motion camera (with the SZC-2002 licence option for the BPU-4000).

PMW-F55 Live System

The PMW-F55 Live System allows you to shoot in 4K and HD in the same way as any other studio camera. The CA-4000 optical fibre backend transmits the 4K RAW signal from the PMW-F55 to the BPU-4000, which processes the RAW signal in real time.

Simultaneous 4K and HD output

The BPU-4000 can output 4K, or QFHD, at the same time as HD. The RAW signal is processed in real time, enabling full creativity with the 7x standard Gamma, 4x HyperGamma or S-Log2 Gamma curves.

HD cut-outs from 4K

The BPU-4000 allows you to create up to 2x HD virtual camera outputs in parallel to the 4K Live signal. This enables you to create several views from a single camera, making HD live production more efficient. This feature requires the SZC-2001 license option for the BPU-4000.

HD 4x and 6x slow-motion

With the SZC-2002 license option for the BPU-4000, the PMW-F55 Live System allows you to capture HD slow-motion at 4x (max 240i or 240P) and also 6x Speed (max 360i or 360P).

Versatility of applications and accessories

The PMW-F55 Live System is suitable for many types of applications thanks to its flexibility. It also supports a wide range of accessories fully compatible with Sony HD system cameras, such as viewfinders, remote control panels and Camera Control Units. You can also adapt any 2/3’-inch lens to the PMW-F55 thanks to the LA-FZB2 lens mount adaptor.

Vast exposure latitude to 14 f-stops

Being able to render tones from the deeper shadows to the brightest highlights is essential for live productions where lightning conditions can vary drastically. The PMW-F55 excels, with an impressive 14 stops of exposure latitude, extraordinary low-light sensitivity and extremely low noise in the blacks.

Revolutionary electronic global shutter

The traditional CMOS image sensor uses a ‘rolling’ shutter that can result in images with unwanted distortions like motion skew and flash banding, especially when shooting sports or any fast moving object. The PMW-F55 incorporates electronic global shutter, which completely eliminates rolling shutter distortions.